Prep School Sports Connection was of tremendous value to our family as we searched for, evaluated, and decided upon prep school opportunities. They helped us understand the pros and cons, and once we decided to pursue it, were invaluable in identifying the right “fit” for our son. PSSC guided us through the entire process, including the important financial aid part. We were always able to count on them for level-headed, impartial advice and highly recommend them to anyone who is considering the prep school experience for their child.

– Kent H., parent, New York


Prep School Sports Connection specializes in helping student-athletes and their parents understand what prep school has to offer and matches them with the one that best helps them achieve their goals.

Whether you are curious about prep school, think you want some help finding one, don’t think prep school is for you, or don’t think you need help finding the right one, you can benefit from Prep School Sports Connection.

There are approximately 340 prep (boarding) schools in the US and Canada. That’s a tremendous amount of opportunity, and a lot to research. For over 25 years we’ve been working with, and studying, prep schools and their athletic programs. Regardless of your sport or level of play, our knowledge, experience, and connections can get you where you want to be quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

More and more people are figuring out what some have known for years. Prep school is arguably the best, and almost certainly the most underutilized, way for student-athletes to achieve their athletic and academic goals. Whether your goal is to play at the highest possible level, get into the best possible college, or both, there is no better choice than prep school for making it happen.

In today’s world, a college education is more critical than ever for a lifetime of success. Spiraling increases in costs and levels of athletic and academic competition have more student-athletes and their parents turning to prep school, and Prep School Sports Connection, in order to separate themselves from the crowd and reach their goals.

Our relationships and regular communication with prep school coaches, athletic directors, admissions officers, and financial aid directors, in addition to college coaches and administrators, allow us to do what you simply can’t do on your own – find the best prep school fit at the best price.

Regardless of where you are, or think you are, in the prep school process, our personalized program can improve your situation by reducing stress, while saving time and money. Most importantly, We know which athletic programs are a match for you and your athletic goals.