Playing Out of Position? Don’t Blame the Coach.

More than a few parents and athletes are frustrated by the position the athlete plays for his/her school. They wish they were on a team where the child could play a different position they believe would maximize the players’ talent, development and potential. It’s true at all levels, particularly high school, where most attend the school in their neighborhood.

They often blame the coach, claiming the athlete needs the chance to play the different position in order to develop the skills. But it’s rarely the coach’s fault. Most of the time the athlete is being played at the position because it best matches the athlete’s skill set and the coach’s first responsibility is to field the best team. If the goal is to play a different position the answer is surprisingly simple. You’ve got to give the coach a chance to play your child at the new position. You’ve got to have the skills. If you do, the coach will almost always find a way to play the athlete there, at least some of the time.

The common mistake is thinking that learning the skills will take place in games during the season. If the player doesn’t have the skills, the team isn’t going to sacrifice while the athlete learns, and make mistakes, during the a game. This type of significant learning has to take place during the offseason. It has always been hard, because it takes dedication and sacrifice. It’s even harder now that it seems there is almost no offseason. Still, this is when the athlete has to make it happen. In fact, it’s actually a great opportunity. So few players work on skills and fundamentals these days that those who do stand out more than they used to. Think about that. All athletes are looking for an edge. Here’s a way to improve and get an edge in a very simple way.