Our Services

At Prep School Sports Connection we help you understand how to leverage your talent, regardless of level, so that you get the best athletic, academic, and life preparation experience possible.

We’ve been through this process before, so we know what the prep schools are looking for, what you should be looking for, and how to match the two. We know the best way to combine sports and prep school.

Done right, this process takes some time and effort. There are many personal decisions and choices to be made along the way, and there’s no room for faulty thinking. We listen closely to you, guide your thought process, and keep you on track.

At the end of the process you will have a complete and objective understanding of all your options and different scenarios.

At PSSC, we provide all the services listed below, but we really provide the information, answers, understanding, guidance, and support you need to reach your goal.


Exploratory consultation. By answering your questions and carefully explaining our service, we make sure you accurately understand what we have to offer. You can then decide if our service is right for you.

First meeting. We start by listening and asking questions in order to get a thorough understanding of student and parental goals. We combine that with our knowledge to design a customized plan to find the best school for you.

Thorough review of student and family

  • Athletic talent assessment
  • Academic talent assessment
  • Financial assessment

List of target schools

  • Which you can get into and which you can’t
  • Which will give you the financial aid you want and which won’t
  • Where you can play and where you can’t
  • Which are the best fit
  • Which schools still need players
  • Which schools can get you to your goals and which can’t

Customized to-do list and schedule to keep you organized and on time

  • School visits
  • Testing – SSAT, SAT etc.input and advice
  • Application
  • Communication with coaches and administrators

Application process guidance

  • Number of schools to apply to
  • Common application
  • When to apply
  • Application fee
  • Interview
  • Essays

Financial Aid process guidance

  • How it works
  • What the factors are
  • FAF
  • When to apply
  • Where to get it
  • Which schools still have it available
  • How the schools view you
  • How to interpret their offer
  • How to negotiate what you need

Guidance choosing the right school

  • Insight into schools and sports programs
  • Which meet your needs
  • Which coaches have the connections with college coaches, and at what level
  • Which is the right “fit”


Of course, we are always happy to discuss your questions and concerns throughout the process.