There’s hardly a day around our house that we don’t thank you. We truly believe Hannah is at the right school. When we went to visit for orientation day, the coach and all of the team met her and had lunch with her. Hannah loved the girls that she met. The school was beautiful! More than we could have imagined. Hannah said she loved the feel of the school. So again, we thank you!!!

– The Kent family, Musquodoboit Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada

At every turn in this complex process you have been the consummate professional. Involved, informed, a wise counselor and the best advocate and advisor. Thank you so much for all your help. Continued success to you.

– Denrick C., parent, Long Island, New York

The decision to work with Prep School Sports Connection was by far the best decision we made regarding my son’s education. For months I had been searching on my own for the right school to prepare my son for the next level. We had offers to attend some of the best basketball prep schools in the country for free. We either didn’t trust them or the education simply wasn’t acceptable. PSSC immediately put me in touch with several well respected prep schools. Not only did they find us the high level  basketball program we were looking for, the education they found is even better. They guided us through the process every step of the way. I’ve been involved in the game for decades. I thought I was well connected. The knowledge and contacts they have, and the number of schools they work with, was more than I expected. I’ve already recommended them to other parents.

– Joe J., parent, Phoenix, Arizona

I was a good high school player from a small town getting under-recruited. It was late and I was getting ready to choose between D3 schools. I couldn’t even get the local D2 school to offer me. I knew nothing about prep school. Prep School Sports Connection changed my life. They showed me why prep school was a great option, then got me the perfect spot at a great school. Six months later, I was choosing from 16 D1 offers. I wish I’d gone to prep school sooner. I ended up finishing my college career as a four year starter and one of the all-time leaders in points and rebounds. Now I’m playing professionally overseas, having a great experience travelling the world, and getting paid a lot of money to do it. I still use Prep School Sports Connection. They’ve worked with other professionals before me, so they can provide guidance on things like contracts, agents, language barriers and different leagues.

– Greg L., athlete, Chemnitz, Germany

I just want to make sure you know how appreciative I am of having had your assistance in this process. Many times I have said, “This is why I’m glad we have Mike”. Whether it was answering the multiple questions I had or simple reassurances that we were doing things right, it made all the difference in my sanity. We are very happy with the results. I’m confident that my son will have better options for college and that this next year of prep school will be a great one for him.

– Sandy G., parent, Baltimore, Maryland

My son wanted to play at a higher level. I knew nothing about prep schools and had no money to pay for them. My boy was completely on his own. I didn’t know whom to trust. His high school coach couldn’t help. Prep School Sports Connection changed all that. They matched my son and, later, his younger brother with great prep school situations. Now my daughter is getting ready to go. They even negotiated the financial aid. My boys have gotten four years and $200,000 worth of the best education in the United States for $1400 – total. I am so thankful for PSSC. It changed my life and my children’s lives. I never went to college. My oldest now has his undergraduate and graduate degrees, along with a great D1 career. The younger one is now in college and they’re both on track to have the professional career I never had. PSSC is like part of the family.

– Shirley J., parent, Sodus, New York

As a student-athlete from the Southeastern US, I did not have much knowledge of, or exposure to, prep school opportunities available in the Northeast. Prep School Sports Connection was recommended to me by someone who has worked with them for over 20 years. Although I ultimately decided not to attend prep school, the guidance and counseling I received from them was invaluable in helping with my decisions and D1 recruitment process. Even now, as a D1 athlete, I continue to rely on them for support and insight on how to manage the demands of sports and school at the D1 level. This has truly been a long-lasting relationship.

– Myles M., athlete, Atlanta, Georgia

We knew our son needed another year before college. Prep School Sports Connection was a valuable resource as we searched for the right prep school. We could have chosen a different prep school for less money. PSSC explained the value we were getting for the money, why it was worth spending more, and reassured us it was well spent. We made the right choice. Now he’s starting as a freshman in the SEC.

– Clive C., parent, Toronto, Canada

We were approached by prep schools and were clueless. We were heading the wrong way, wasting time, and didn’t know it. Prep School Sports Connection was recommended to us by a friend who used them 25 years ago. Once we started working with them, everything changed. They gave us a plan. When the school we loved made its financial aid offer, I was ready to give up. We knew there was no way we could afford what they wanted us to pay. I called my husband crying. PSSC helped us understand the situation and showed us how to get more financial aid so our dream could become a reality. We got the school we wanted and couldn’t be happier. We saved $19,000 a year by using this service. We know it works. Our friends tell us they’re interested in prep school for their kids and ask us lots of questions. We tell them to contact Prep School Sports Connection.

– Rebecca and Darryl W., parents, Airmont, New York

Prep School Sports Connection was of tremendous value to our family as we searched for, evaluated, and decided upon prep school opportunities. They helped us understand the pros and cons of a post-graduate year, and once we decided to pursue it, were invaluable in identifying the right “fit” for our son. PSSC guided us through the entire process, including the important financial aid part. We were always able to count on them for level-headed, impartial advice and highly recommend them to anyone who is considering the prep school experience for their child.

– Michelle and Kent H., parents, Pittsford, New York

I didn’t want to go to prep school. I was sure I was ready for college and was going to get a scholarship. Then I got hurt and missed most of my senior season. I thought my dream of a scholarship was dead. I also had no way to pay for college. Prep School Sports Connection directed me to an incredible prep school and kept my dreams alive. It turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. I flourished at Exeter and it changed my life. I got an education I didn’t know existed and earned the scholarship I needed. As a senior executive at MTV living between Johannesburg, London and Lagos, I was on the cover of Forbes magazine at age 32.

– Alex O., athlete, Lagos, Nigeria

I was a HS guidance counselor for 25 years. One of my students had paid for recruiting services that didn’t do much for him, and I was assisting him with his effort to get a scholarship. A friend recommended we try Prep School Sports ConnectionWe were not considering prep school. Prep School Sports Connection showed us why we should. They steered us to the schools that offered the education we were looking for combined with the right level of athletic competition. When we thought we couldn’t afford it, Prep School Sports Connection not only showed us we could, but guided us to the place we could get the aid we needed. No other service did for us what this one did. We would not have chosen prep school and not gotten the D1 scholarship we were after without Prep School Sports Connection. My student is now having a great college experience playing for a top Division 1 program. The prep school experience also helped bridge the jump in level of competition, and he has played since the first game of his freshman year.

– Rick W., high school counselor, Greece, New York

At the beginning of my son’s senior year we had already decided on a PG year. We met a prep school coach through one of the summer camps and it seemed like a match. We thought we were all set. We put all our eggs in that basket and got burned. Late in the summer they found someone they liked better and we lost our spot. We didn’t know how the game was played or how to interpret the information and the situation. We had to scramble and needed help. Prep School Sports Connection provided valuable direction and helped us survive our mistake. The situation we found ended up being better than the original.

– Mike D., parent, Austin, Texas

I was a non-qualifier who thought he was going to junior college. Prep School Sports Connection found me the right prep school at the right price. My grades and SATs went up and I got the D1 scholarship offers I wanted. I’ve been a starter each of my four years in college. I wish I’d gone to prep school sooner and done more than just a PG year.

– Blair R., athlete, Rochester, New York

My son had no offers late in his senior year. His AAU coach recommended Prep School Sports Connection. I was sold on the prep school idea. My son wasn’t. We talked to Prep School Sports Connection several more times. My son still wasn’t interested. Unbeknownst to us, PSSC made a phone call on our behalf to a D1 college they thought would be a match. The next day we got a call from the coach at that school. Two months later we had a scholarship to the perfect D1 school for us. I never hired PSSC and my son never went to prep school. They still made the effort to help us reach our dreams. Prep School Sports Connection cared about us. They understand what matters.

– Kevin B., parent, Etobicoke, Canada

It was late in the process and I was trying to find a prep school for my child. I knew the chances were slim. In addition, paying the full cost of prep school was not an option for us. I had a long list of schools that I was calling alphabetically and getting nowhere. I had no idea something like Prep School Sports Connection existed. They found us the right school at the right price within two weeks. I was ecstatic. I never thought we’d find a place in so little time so late in the process. I recommend Prep School Sports Connection to others in my position.

– Harry A., parent, Washington, DC

Prep School Sports Connection helped me find the established, credible prep school that helped me reach my goals of getting a University education and continuing to play the game I love. The school they helped me choose was just what I wanted. There has never been a day that I’ve regretted my decision. At no point did the process feel like a business transaction. The whole experience felt more like a mutual relationship. I knew I was working with someone who had the knowledge and experience needed to help me make such a big decision. PSSC has become a family friend. I would recommend that anyone looking for guidance in finding a good prep school get in touch with them.

– Keegan D., athlete, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

My wife and I were interested in sending our son to prep school. We didn’t know much about them and hadn’t got much interest from those we contacted. Prep School Sports Connection identified several prep schools to check out; the Naval Academy Prep School was one. Who knew the military schools had their own prep schools? It turned out to be just what we needed, and it was a life changing experience for us all, most importantly for my son. The US Naval Academy provided a full scholarship. He played a Division 1 sport. He graduated from the US Naval Academy. He’s got a great job and a great future. Prep School Sports Connection helped make all that possible.

– Carlton S., parent, Rochester, New York

Having no scholarships out of high school, we invested in a post-graduate year for our only child. Consequently, it was difficult for us when the recruiters’ evaluations of his talent didn’t match our own. Prep School Sports Connection helped us work through that. They were direct, sometimes blunt, and told us the truth – not just what we wanted to hear. We came to rely heavily on them. While we didn’t get the D1 scholarship we were hoping for, we got a great D2 offer. Our investment paid off.

– David and Jackie D., parents, St. Catharines, Canada

Our son had D1 offers coming out of high school that we weren’t comfortable with. They weren’t the right fit. He also had interest from several prep schools. Prep School Sports Connection opened our eyes to what was really available and where the real value was. We could have spent less money. In the end we got more than we paid for, and exactly what we wanted – a D1 scholarship at the right school. This is the smart way to go.

– Phil and Maria S., parents, Pittsford, New York



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