Why Use PSSC?

Prep schools contact us when they’re looking for athletes. 

Choosing a prep school is one of the biggest decisions you and your child will make. It involves your child’s future, education, college options, the sport your child loves, and your future. Therefore, it makes sense to do everything you can to ensure you find the best prep school for your child. Yet too many treat the process like a home improvement project, thinking they can do it themselves. This is not a trip to Home Depot. You need to get it right the first time.

Why use Prep School Sports Connection? The answers are easy. There are three main reasons to use Prep School Sports Connection.

  1. We can find you the best school and the right fit.
    1. Approximately 50% of families can find a prep school on their own. Almost none can find the best one.
      1. We have done it for decades
        1. We know the schools
          1. We have the relationships
          2. Academic requirements
          3. Athletic requirements
        2. We know how the process works
          1. Whom to talk to
          2. When to contact and visit
          3. How to apply
        3. We know what questions to ask
        4. We know whom to trust
      2. You’ve never done it before
        1. When’s the last time you did a better job of something the first time you tried it rather than the second?
        2. Having limited perspective, you have no reliable way of knowing what you’ve really found
        3. If you don’t care where you’re going, almost any road will get you there
        4. The coaches can tell you what you want to hear. How will you really know what to believe?
          1. Think you’ll be able to tell? You’re not as smart as you think you are.
  2. We save you money; we pay for ourselves.
    1. Doing it yourself won’t save you money, it’ll cost you money. Think about that for a second. That’s not hypothetical, that’s a fact.
      1. 90% of the families looking for a prep school save $5,000 – $15,000 more  by using us than they would have doing it themselves.
        1. That’s many multiples of the cost of our fee
        2. Still think you’re saving money doing it yourself? You’re stepping over $100 to pick up $20.
    2. We know how to handle the financial conversation
    3. We know which schools have money
    4. We know which will spend it on sports
    5. We know which will spend it on which sports
    6. We know which ages they like to spend it on
    7. We know what time of year they spend it
  3. We save you time and energy (stress)
    1. We’re more efficient
      1. Fewer mistakes
        1. If your time is valuable, why would you waste it?


What’s the bottom line? There’s a value to experience, and we have over 25 years of it. At the very least it provides you a great degree of insurance for a very important decision. At the most, it gets you somewhere you can’t get on your own.

If you’re thinking you can always come back to us for help if you discover you can’t do it on your own, think again. By that time you’ll have wasted all your time and effort. More importantly, it will likely be too late. By the time families figure it out, most coaches have chosen their athletes and the schools have handed out their financial aid money.

Most of us have learned there are times when it’s smarter to spend money than try to save it. This is clearly one of those times.